More Internet Truths In Action

Here are a few more of my “Internet truths” in action, drawn from the digital lessons learned by online users: “Assume when you post something online, it will be available to the world forever.” Country singer Blake Shelton learned about this last week, when some inappropriate tweets he sent in… Read more »

Password practices do more harm

A number of studies seem to suggest the current practice of mandatory password changes several times a year does more harm than good. Researchers are uncovering what most people who deal with multiple passwords and multiple password changes already know: The process pushes people to find the least path of… Read more »

Don’t fall for vanity scam

Emails offering questionable services aimed at businesses are once again making the rounds in the Bismarck-Mandan region. The most prominent one is an email indicating you’ve won an award. It is apparently from a site called, stating you’ve won a Best of Bismarck award (not to be confused with… Read more »

Chilled beer, Bitcoin and hacks

It’s a popular video on the Internet, something perfect for the time of year and crazy fun at a party: chilling a bottle of beer or pop in seconds. It’s also questionable as to whether or not it actually works. It all started with an article on identifying “Seven essential boozy hacks… Read more »

Pokemon Go Continues To Grow

So, what’s been happening since we last visited about the Pokemon Go craze last week? Let see…  Apple reports Pokemon Go broke the App Store record for most downloads in a week. But Apple won’t say exactly what that number is ( A Pokemon Go player claims he’s captured all… Read more »

Pokemon Go app: A fad or trend?

Is the augmented reality app Pokemon Go a fad or a trend? Right now, you can’t read, look or listen anywhere without learning about another Pokemon Go incident ( A driver crashed into a tree while looking down at the app. Some Pokemon hunters were robbed after meeting in a… Read more »

Geeks, Google And Prime Day

Hi. My name is Keith and I’m a geek. The word “geek” used to be a pejorative term. Now, it’s an approbative one. We geeks revel in such high-falutin’, ten dollar words. What it all means is that it’s OK to be a geek these days. And the reason I’m… Read more »

Celebrate The Fourth Online

It’s the Fourth Of July, America’s 240th year of Independence. To celebrate, I offer a collection of Independence Day themed Web sites I’d like to pass along that you may find interesting. The Web site, “Founders Online” (, contains more than 176,000 searchable documents written by six architects of the… Read more »

Alien Planets And Song Wars

Psst. Wanna see a direct photo of an alien planet? I’ve got one for you: It’s a gas giant, about the size of Jupiter, named CVSO 30c. It’s orbiting a star named CVSO 30. Astronomers these days are pretty boring when it comes to naming celestial objects, but at least… Read more »

Americans reduce time online

Is wariness toward the internet contributing to a weariness of the online world? That is one implication of a recent study that finds some Americans are starting to reduce their time online. The reasons? According to the National Telecommunications and Information Administration study, “Americans are increasingly concerned about online security… Read more »